Jeff Matthews
Sealed Meteorologist/ Co-Host/ Reporter
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Dear News Director...

Dear News Director;

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I am a gifted Meteorologist, and there simply is no one out there like me. People love what I do. Because I am real.

Every notice how all the weather person does today, is stand in front of, and point at numbers, telling us what we can already see? Do YOU find that, "engaging"? Neither do the viewers. "Story-tellers" are a thing of the past. That's one of my gifts. I engage the viewer by telling a story, often involving an event I recently attended and viewers I recently met. That makes my weather "personal". That's why they become fans.

I bring a unique personality to my work. Do you yourself see weather talent with the enthusiasm I bring? Even on boring weather days? Would you say that when things go crazy, they become calm and connect more with the viewer? Do they convey life-saving information in a way that doesn't need "scare-tactics", and do viewers genuinely enjoy bringing them into the viewers' living room night after night?

People genuinely enjoy my work so much, that they follow my career after I've left their market! I connect with the viewer in a way that eliminates the boundary between the TV screen and the viewer. And they see me as real and genuine, not some "TV character".

My motto is, "Get excited on the calm days, and calm down on the exciting days." And people get that.

My goals for every weathercast are three-fold;
1. Give the viewer a highly reliable forecast,
2. Teach them something they didn't know 5 minutes ago, and
3. Make them smile, at least once, during my weathercast.

Lofty but attainable goals. A unique and genuine personality.
Please contact me if you have an opportunity where you are looking for the best candidate available. The person you choose can make a difference.

Thank you,
Jeff Matthews