Jeff Matthews
Sealed Meteorologist/ Co-Host/ Reporter
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Dear News Director...


Thank you for taking your valuable time to check out my website.
You are probably here because you are looking for a Meteorologist.
My weather is 100% viewer-driven, but this site...out of here to demonstrate to you, as best I can, what I offer that makes me truly unique.

Because I believe that the viewer trumps all, I'm sure if you could talk to viewers here, the overwhelming feedback you'd get is that "Jeff is a gifted and truly unique Meteorologist." You'd hear that they consider my weather to be the most accurate forecast they've ever seen, that I use graphics that are simple and amplify the story, but perhaps most importantly, they appreciate my style, because I am real.

Ever notice how all the weather person does today, is stand in front of, and point at numbers, telling us what we can already see? Do you find that, "engaging"? Neither do the viewers. "Story-tellers" are a forgotten lot. That's one of my best gifts. I engage the viewer by telling a story, often involving an event I recently attended and viewers I recently met. I relate today's weather to their every day lives. That makes my weather "personal" to them. That's why they become fans!

And when things go crazy, I become calm and connect more with the viewer, conveying life-saving information in a way that doesn't need "scare-tactics".

What I'm trying to do is connect with the viewer in a way that eliminates the boundary between the TV screen and the viewer. How do I do that? I embed myself into the community, I become one of them. Most of the time, at events without any cameras, and without my station's knowledge. The result? Viewers see me as real, genuine, a friend of the family. And the use of social media simply glues it all together.

My motto?
"Get excited on the calm days, and calm down on the exciting days."
And people get that.

Here are my goals for every weathercast;
1. Give the viewer a highly reliable forecast,
2. Teach them something they didn't know 5 minutes ago, and
3. Get them to smile, at least once.

Lofty but attainable goals. A unique and genuine personality.
Please contact me if you have an opportunity where you are looking for the best candidate available. I can make a difference...for you and the viewers.

Thank you,
Jeff Matthews